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Congratulations on taking the leap toward becoming a professional software developer by applying to Ada Developers Academy. Writing code is a fun and ever-changing career, and you'll enjoy the benefits of being in one of the most sought-after fields (job flexibility, choice of employers, better pay - the list goes on).

Summer 2017 - Cohort 8 Timeline

February 13, 2017 Admissions opens at noon PST.
March 6, 2017 Admissions closes. All applications submitted by 5 pm PST will be considered and you will hear back from Ada regarding your application by April 21, 2017.
March - April 2017 If you are invited for Phase 2 and Phase 3, interviews will occur from March through April. Final acceptance notifications will be sent within 3 weeks of your Phase 3 interview.
July 2017 Jumpstart live sessions for admitted students begins.
August 2017 Class instruction begins.

If you don't have one, you'll need to create a free GitHub account. You'll be using GitHub Gists to submit a few of the application sections.

Ready to Apply?
You'll need to prepare a few things for the application.

Step 1: Resume

Your resume, written in Markdown and submitted as a GitHub Gist.

Note: you're not expected to have previous experience with Markdown or GitHub. Part of the application process is demonstrating your ability to learn and apply new technologies.

Step 2: Essay Questions

For this portion of the application, you will answer 4 short essay questions about yourself.

What we’re looking for:

  • Grit and determination to enter Tech, including demonstration of exposure to the field and the ability to learn from their mistakes
  • Ability to learn something new and unfamiliar in order to accomplish a given task.


  1. 1. Why are you interested in programming? What have you done to expose yourself to programming so far?
  2. 2. If you are accepted into our program, where do you see your career in 5 years?
  3. 3. After reading Ada's Vision, Mission and Inclusivity Statement, how will you contribute to Ada's vision for an inclusive and diverse community? http://adadevelopersacademy.org/program
  4. 4. Tell us about a time you made a mistake that you learned a lot from. If you encountered the situation again, what would you do differently?

Step 3: Assessment

For this portion of the application, you will analyze some raw, publicly-available data.

What we’re looking for:

  • Demonstration of an aptitude to recognize patterns, try different paths, and conclude logical findings
  • Ability to clearly document thought process, assumptions, and conclusions
  • Please detail your thinking and problem solving process


The two datasets that you will need to analyze come from the Federal Student Aid office's Title IV Program Volume Reports. Specifically, you will examine the Loan Volume from the Direct Loan Program from the first quarter of academic years 2010-2011 and 2015-2016.

Both datasets, in CSV format, along with a README file that includes definitions for each field can be downloaded from our Dropbox.

To open these files you are welcome to use Excel, the free alternative LibreOffice, or any other program that opens CSV files. Cloud-based tools may not work well for moderately large files like these. If you cannot open the file on your computer, you should try a local public library. If you have exhausted all options, please email contact@adadevelopersacademy.org.



There are three questions related to the above datasets, in order of increasing complexity and ambiguity. For each of the three questions you will need to provide both your answer and an explanation of your process, assumptions, choices, and reasoning.

The first two questions both have a few specific answers that we are checking for, however not giving one of those answers does not disqualify your application. The final question is more ambiguous and we are looking for a logical argument to support your answer rather than a particular response.

The first two answers should be provided in numerical form and the final answer should be selected from the set of provided responses. For all questions we ask that you keep your explanation concise (under 700 words) as our reviewers have a large number applications to process.

Before you begin

Before beginning to work on any of the following questions first exclude all rows where:

  • The school is designated as a foreign institution.
  • The final digit of the school's ZIP code is 3, 5, or 7.

Question 1
Please provide your answer as a number.

Consider all of the schools that disbursed a total of more than $25,000,000 in loans during a single quarter. How many more schools met this criteria in 2015 than in 2010?

Question 2
Please provide your answer as a number.

For each state calculate the number of recipients for undergraduate student loans at non-public institutions in 2015. What was the largest difference between subsidized and unsubsidized loans in a single state?

Question 3

Compare HBCUs established prior to the Reconstruction Era and those established during Reconstruction. Which group had the largest change in number of loan recipients between 2010 and 2015?

Possible answers:

  • Prior to the Reconstruction Era
  • During the Reconstruction Era
  • Both groups had the the same change
  • It's not possible to determine this
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